More About Me


I am people-first. As an empathic yet fearless communicator (I've been called a Mama Bear more than once), I am 100% focused on meeting your needs as my client. You will always feel supported, clear, and cared for when we work together, and I won't rest until you get where you need to be!


I bring a large network, trusted professionals (lenders, inspectors, contractors, tradespeople), and a ton of local knowledge to bear for you. I am a fierce negotiator--but know that it takes a strong rapport to build the right relationships in real estate. The reality: It's more than competitive terms that will win you a great home in Seattle--it's knowing the nuances and the right questions to ask, too.


As a former East-coaster, I really appreciate the gem that Seattle is in the world. We have natural beauty and quirky neighborhoods, sure, but it's our people that make this area special. I'm deeply involved in nourishing community here, especially among professional women (I've run a monthly discussion group for years) and new Americans (with organizations like Mother Africa). Everything I do is, at heart, about resourcing those around me.


When you're buying or selling a home in Seattle, I'm with you every step of the way--but not just with the old, traditional tools and methods. I want to co-create a process that works with your busy life and your family's needs. We will move in lock-step, bringing in the technology, critical eye, and human touch that are all necessary to create your success.