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Fall 2022

We're back! This season we're working on HVAC efficiency and air quality, plus plumbing improvements to save you heartache later...

Your Real Estate Connection

Purple postcard that says APRIL Monthly Maintenance


April 2022

This month, we're trimming back the "rodent highways" to your house, checking for errant water, and bringing your yard back to life...

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houses with holiday lights outlining the rooflines

Holiday lighting

By Eva Conner | November 23, 2022

LIGHT HELP Don’t @ me for jumping the holiday gun… No, I’m not ready for Christmas music, Hanukkah latkes, or consumer mania-but I know it’s right around the corner. Frankly, Grant & I are thinking of putting up LED lights outside that can stay up all year round and turn whatever color we like for […]

Dark purple postcard image reading "Seasonal Maintenance Checklist - Fall 2022"

Seasonal Maintenance – Fall 2022

By Eva Conner | September 16, 2022

We’re back after a bit of a break-and, at your request, consolidating into seasonal maintenance reminders so you can tackle it in one big transition push! This Fall, it’s all about relatively easy indoor tasks that have a big impact on comfort and quality of life. So don’t delay… PRO RECOMMENDATIONS HVAC SERVICE Innovative Comfort […]

Purple postcard that says APRIL Monthly Maintenance

Monthly Maintenance – April 2022

By Eva Conner | April 5, 2022

Sun! No, rain & hail! Wait, sun again! Yes, April in Seattle is…an adventure. But if you can catch a weather break, get cracking on those small outdoor tasks/checks that will keep your home from hiding bigger issues down the line. PRO RECOMMENDATIONS LANDSCAPING & LAWN CARE Terra Nova Landscaping – call Susan Iconic Landscaping […]

retro cartoon gif of cleaning

Robust Cleaning!

By Eva Conner | March 23, 2022

ROBUST CLEANING Where to focus your energy A good “power hour” will get you past the basic surface cleaning and random piles (I like to set mine to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, just like when I was a kid). But what else is worth your time? Here are a few critical priorities to consider: […]

Monthly Maintenance – March 2022

By Eva Conner | March 1, 2022

It’s Spring! Let’s get moving on a few safety items, then head outside. Regular tasks like changing furnace filters and cleaning your gutters aren’t exactly exciting, but if you do them regularly, you’ll save yourself a bundle of money by extending the life of your systems. PRO RECOMMENDATIONS   ELECTRICIANS Bowie Electric – 206-789-6500 Konsker […]

Monthly Maintenance – February 2022

By Eva Conner | January 25, 2022

Welcome to 2022! This month, we’re doing critical cleaning, spotting outside issues, & planning work for the year… PRO RECOMMENDATIONS Kirsten helped Grant and I to plan out our ADU remodel; we first spoke by phone, then she came over to consult on our goals & vision and toured the space. Then she measured and […]

Seattle Guide

By Eva Conner | January 10, 2022

About Seattle…   City resources “Newcomer’s Guide” to Seattle Zoning map Permit & property records – search for nearby development or past remodel permits ADUniverse for backyard cottage/accessory unit research   Seattle history Seattle Archives Museum of History and Industry Black Past in Seattle Historic Seattle – preserving and repurposing older buildings   Seattle neighborhoods

Illustration of house with garage partly open, flanked by trees and bird. Blue sky background and phrase "Curb Appeal 101" up above.

Ten simple ways to increase curb appeal

By Eva Conner | January 6, 2022

You’ve seen lists of easy upgrades in magazines and good ol’ HGTV. But there are some accessible tips and tricks specific to the Seattle market that you should know, whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or just want to spruce it up without breaking the bank! My top 10 curb appeal tricks: Add […]

picture of yellow sign with phrase "Are You Ready?" in the middle in all capital letters. Background is a photo of a cloudy blue sky and trees.

Always a good time for emergency prep!

By Eva Conner | January 4, 2022

Whether you’re feeling anxious after watching a disaster unfold in another part of the country/world or you’ve just experienced a crisis yourself, you suddenly feel more motivated to get that disaster plan and resources assembled! So where to start? Run through the disaster preparedness checklists from a place like Good Housekeeping or Ready.gov. Connect to […]