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Home Maintenance Seasonal Maintenance – Fall 2022 We’re back after a bit of a break-and, at your request, consolidating into seasonal maintenance reminders so you can tackle it in one big transition push! This Fall, it’s all about relatively easy indoor tasks that have a big impact on comfort and quality of life. So don’t delay… PRO RECOMMENDATIONS HVAC SERVICE Innovative Comfort […]
Home Maintenance Monthly Maintenance – April 2022 Sun! No, rain & hail! Wait, sun again! Yes, April in Seattle is…an adventure. But if you can catch a weather break, get cracking on those small outdoor tasks/checks that will keep your home from hiding bigger issues down the line. PRO RECOMMENDATIONS LANDSCAPING & LAWN CARE Terra Nova Landscaping – call Susan Iconic Landscaping […]
Home Maintenance Monthly Maintenance – March 2022 It’s Spring! Let’s get moving on a few safety items, then head outside. Regular tasks like changing furnace filters and cleaning your gutters aren’t exactly exciting, but if you do them regularly, you’ll save yourself a bundle of money by extending the life of your systems. PRO RECOMMENDATIONS   ELECTRICIANS Bowie Electric – 206-789-6500 Konsker […]
Home Maintenance Monthly Maintenance – February 2022 Welcome to 2022! This month, we’re doing critical cleaning, spotting outside issues, & planning work for the year… PRO RECOMMENDATIONS Kirsten helped Grant and I to plan out our ADU remodel; we first spoke by phone, then she came over to consult on our goals & vision and toured the space. Then she measured and […]
Home Maintenance Robust Cleaning! ROBUST CLEANING Where to focus your energy A good “power hour” will get you past the basic surface cleaning and random piles (I like to set mine to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, just like when I was a kid). But what else is worth your time? Here are a few critical priorities to consider: […]
Home Maintenance Don’t defer that maintenance… OK, guys, I know you have the best of intentions to keep your home in tip-top condition. But life gets in the way. Well, there are few priorities for the longevity and value of your home–not to mention your/your family’s safety–that you just can’t ignore! Here are the top 5 critical items that typically come […]
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