Remodel Launching a remodel COUNTERS & FAUCETS & FRIDGES, OH MY! Bye-bye, laminate I love the little kitchen in my 1926 co-op apartment, and I’ve successfully hosted 12-person dinner parties from there (in the “before times,” of course). But in lockdown with no dishwasher, old plywood cabinets that regularly fall off/give me huge splinters, and clear water damage under […]
Seattle Stuff The Skipper–or, great things in our city When it’s miserable outside or the headlines are bleak, it’s easy to forget that there are inspiring people doing amazing things in Seattle. And then there are folks who are just out to create some joy… I was walking during Snowmageddon a few days ago and spotted The Skipper–a little slippery slush couldn’t steal the […]
Resources Don’t defer that maintenance…   OK, guys, I know you have the best of intentions to keep your home in tip-top condition. But life gets in the way. Well, there are few priorities for the longevity and value of your home–not to mention your/your family’s safety–that you just can’t ignore! Here are the top 5 critical items that typically […]
Resources What Mr. Rogers would do                       How to feel more connected with your neighborhood You’ve moved into your new place—congrats! You’re busy setting things up, learning the quirks of your home, finding a new routine. You declare to your partner or friends that you’re eager to explore the new neighborhood. […]
Updates Make a Mother’s Day YWCA needs some donations for domestic violence shelters for Mother’s Day! Here’s an ask from the YWCA: The YWCA of Seattle is hosting a Mother’s Day program for all the Mothers in our homeless shelters! So many of the mothers in our shelters are doing so much to keep their family together, that there is […]
Updates TOSS THOSE PAPERS!   Shredding Party  Saturday, March 24, 9-12   Windermere Eastlake 214 E Galer St, 98102 Join me at my office on Saturday, March 24, between 9am-12pm (I’ll be there after 10) for a shredding party! We’ll be hanging out with coffee and snacks. Bring all your old tax docs, book reports, and newspapers and watch […]
Market info Cash Reality It can feel very discouraging when it seems like EVERYONE is paying cash for high-dollar Seattle homes. It can be competitive out there, but here’s the deal: Of the approximately 4,800* Seattle homes sold over the last 6 months, more than 3/4 were financed in some way. Cash purchases are out there, but their instance […]
Updates Coming soon! I look forward to sharing more info with you in the new year…stay tuned.
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