It's Spring! Let's get moving on a few safety items, then head outside. Regular tasks like changing furnace filters and cleaning your gutters aren't exactly exciting, but if you do them regularly, you'll save yourself a bundle of money by extending the life of your systems.





You may be starting with a list of electrical cleanups from your inspection report; common fixes include fixing reversed polarity in outlets, adding GFCI to kitchen or bathroom outlets, closing wires/ends in junction boxes, replace knob & tube wiring with 3-wire, and replacing electrical panels. Good electricians/companies know how to help you set the context for your project, ideally both pricing out the work you requested and identifying other opportunities to make improvements at the same time to find efficiency. Sometimes that means expanding the scope outside of your initial expectations and can help you troubleshoot when complexities arise.

Important questions to ask when requesting/discussing service:

  1. X is my goal (safety, more power for this appliance, etc.) - what is the best way to go about getting it?
  2. Is there anything I'm missing on this request?
  3. Is there a more cost-effective way to get this job done?
  4. Are there any pieces I can DIY safely to save some money?
  5. What would YOU do in this case?
Contact, Availability & Pricing

Most electricians will come out to your home to work up an estimate, or they may suggest an hourly "time & materials" arrangement for smaller issues. Either way, know that final amounts are subject to change if unexpected issues arise when walls are opened and past work examined! Typical pricing is around $150-400 per hour.

Most electricians are booked several weeks out at the moment, though they may be able to squeeze you in for smaller jobs among larger ones. Timing also depends upon the supplies needed; specialty electrical panels and lights may take longer to arrive than standard materials that most electrical companies keep in stock.

Call first, then email, then call again!




Straightforward! Just make sure you ask for non-abrasive roof cleaning, and for vendors to visually survey your roof & gutters for any issues while they're up there (pictures are helpful).

Contact & Availability

Email or call with property information. These folks are anywhere from 1-6 weeks out, depending on the time of year. Pretty straightforward; they'll give you an estimate based on the size and height of roof & gutters and any special needs, and most will take a deposit and bill you when it's done. It takes just a few hours!

Price Range

The price depends on the size of the house; often $300-1000 for roof and $200-400 for gutter cleaning.


Most of these folks also do interior & exterior window cleaning and pressure washing (driveway, sidewalks, siding) as well. You can "feed two birds with one scone!"