RemodelResources October 2, 2020

Launching a remodel

Pinterest images of kitchen inspiration in a grid

I’m Pinterested in a modest remodel of my 1926 kitchen…


Bye-bye, laminate

I love the little kitchen in my 1926 co-op apartment, and I’ve successfully hosted 12-person dinner parties from there (in the “before times,” of course). But in lockdown with no dishwasher, old plywood cabinets that regularly fall off/give me huge splinters, and clear water damage under the laminate countertops, I decided it was time. Oh, and I got a tax refund that helped! 😬

Since so many clients and friends ask for remodel resources, I’ve decide to try and share as much of my process as possible. To begin,

  1. I made a Pinterest board (see above, I’m not afraid to be hipster basic), which most contractors and designers say is the best place to start collecting inspiration and creating a cohesive vision.
  2. I created a rough budget ($10-12k) after talking with friends, colleagues, and inspectors, and reading way too many blogs.
  3. I reached out to Wes Sisk at Brave Element to get started. He specializes in installing Ikea cabinet systems with custom elements, like the forest green Semihandmade cabinet fronts I selected.
  4. During a masked measurement session, Wes helped me make some key decisions, answer big questions (especially sourcing), and make a plan.
  5. Then, it was on to my design…

New kitchen ETA: Mid-November. Stay tuned for some videos/posts/updates and feel free to reach out with questions if you’re starting your own remodel!